During your first session, your certified trainer will meet with you to go over your personal goals and evaluate your fitness level in order to properly construct a personalized plan moving forward. Each session thereafter will be a 50-minute workout, each acting as a building block to the last. The workouts will always challenge, motivate and push you to be stronger, happier and healthier than you were the session before.

Our one-on-one workouts are a wonderful tool for more personalized attention and a workout tailored to your specific needs. We will have you seeing results faster than ever before!



NGU Personal Training programs are designed to have our athletes and clients reach their personal goals in the most efficient and healthy way possible. Our private sessions are customized to your own fitness level, personal goals, as well as any past athletic history, injuries and health conditions.

NGU values our client/trainer relationships. We see everyone as a community and as family. We offer 24/7 availability for our clients to answer any questions or concerns via email and phone. In addition, our trainers check in with clients and offer tailored tips to help you reach your goals. We believe the work to reach your goals does not take a pause when you walk out the door - we're here to help you all the time.


Semi-Private Training combines the community feel of our classes, with the personalized attention & customization of personal training. Our semi-private sessions will include up to 5 clients at a time, working off their own specific program, at their own pace. This is a great option if you love to workout with friends, but you're also looking for a more tailored program to fit your own specific needs.

Every new client will have a free 30 minute 1-on-1 session, where you and your certified trainer will go over your personal goals and evaluate your current fitness level. Each session thereafter will be 45 minutes and acts as a building block to the last. Workout with your friends but get the personalized attention that you need!


Penalty is forfeiture of session.