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Never Give Up Training is relentless about helping clients achieve their best fitness. No matter your starting point, we’ll help you get to where you want to be. We strive to be a place for personal growth, and know that physical strength translates into inner strength - and ultimately a healthier, happier you.

NGU workouts are always dynamic, never boring. We offer a variety of highly-effective, results-driven group classes in an intimate, encouraging setting. Our 1-on-1 services include personal training, nutrition counseling, sport-specific training for high school and college athletes and training plans for races, marathons and triathlons. With a creative mix of classic and innovative training techniques, our talented trainers bring something different to each session to keep workouts fun and effective. However you work out, we promise to do everything we can to help you become your best self. Your goals are our goals.



“Morgan Dowd’s personal training regimen combines an effective, structured, and utilitarian approach with a friendly, low pressure, and informal environment. There are no delusions, magic pills, or smoke and mirrors here- it becomes readily apparent that your journey will be challenging and must be driven by your own ambition and purpose. However, if you are motivated, consistent, and willing to work hard, Morgan and the NGU staff will mold you physically and mentally into your very best by using techniques that focus on both function and form. Evidenced by results alone, training here consistently is one of the highest value-add measures you can take on your physical fitness journey.”
— Richard F., Investor
The trainers at NGU are the most reliable, hardest working trainers I know! They put client needs first and are always enthusiastic and energetic. It’s clear that the owner and her staff aren’t happy unless clients are happy!
— S. Griffith. Philadelphia, PA
As a seasoned triathlete, I am always looking for that edge to lower my times. From buying new equipment, multiple training plans and even changing my diet, I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for. It wasn’t until I had a personal training experience with Ali at Never Give Up that I knew this was something special. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion is unmatched by other trainers. Her significant triathlon background was crucial. She knew what it took to take my training to the next level. Together we developed training goals and with the one-on-one training sessions, Ali was able to focus on my weaknesses to help me to lower my times and increase my overall strength. I cannot thank her enough for the results I’ve seen!
— Chris R., Triathlon Client
I’ve been working individually with Ali and attending her classes for over a year now. As a client, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. On a professional level, Ali’s extensive field experience (both as a personal trainer and as a professional athlete) combined with her educational background makes her an excellent trainer choice for clients looking for a PT/fitness instructor at any fitness level. Her teaching background has increased her sensitivity to working successfully with individual learning styles while her experience in fitness world has made her highly skilled at conducting classes/sessions, and developing personalized fitness and nutrition programs to address specific needs.
— Ashley B., M.E.d., Psychotherapist
Ali spends time listening carefully to her clients & adjusts her programs according to their daily life activities, goals & needs. Ali never makes you feel inadequate or incompetent, only provides the appropriate amount of discipline necessary to keep sessions productive & challenging. Perhaps what makes Ali so much better than other trainers is a combination of her energetic personality & adaptable training style. Above all, she’s a highly gifted motivator, personable & dependable. Personally, I’ve never had more fun sweating, been more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or seen such positive results physically than I have with Ali Cook by my side. She’s a natural pro and I’ll continue to recommend her without hesitation.
— Abby Vengal, Teacher, Elementary Ed.


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