Laison is a New York Native and Army Veteran with over 10 years of Service. He is a Master Fitness Trainer certified through the Army as well as a small-group basic training instructor. After leaving the Army, Laison spent time in the military contract training, developing and creating battlefield operations curriculum to Marines all over the world. He found himself at an impasse missing his fire for instilling motivation through fitness which brought him to NGU. He has a passion and fire for pushing people beyond what their limits are. He believes that heart and motivation through everything will always push you to succeed. Laison lives by the mantra “One Team, One Fight,” a thought that has always resided by him during his time deployed to Afghanistan and helping bring everyone home. He believes that this is a reminder that no matter who you are, we are all included, and we have to depend on each other.

Laison’s experience has taken him places all over the world where he has taught small-group and tactical training to many soldiers while deployed to Afghanistan. An avid runner and competitor Laison competes for fun in 5K’s and 10-Milers; building up one day to run a full marathon. He loves going to spin class and does it at least 5 times a week!

Life in general can be difficult; we all have jobs and responsibilities. If for one moment in the day I can take you to a place where you can feel your strongest, my job is done. Fitness is supposed to be fun and is about getting you to YOUR goal, whatever that may be, I will get you there!